Group Classes

Junior Group Classes


The Standard program includes: waltz, tango, viennese waltz, foxtrot, and quickstep.


The Latin program includes: cha-cha, samba, rumba, paso-doble, and jive

Basic Ballroom is proud to be able to produce accomplished competitive dancers as well as overall well rounded kids. Our classes include the knowledge to become a star as well as fitness, confidence, respect and so much more. In a group setting were they learn to work as a team they also learn how to set personal goals for themselves, time management and perseverance. A group setting gives kids the ability to make friends and be supportive to one another as well as having a healthy competitive drive to achieve the best for themselves.

Monthly Group Class Packages

  • $150 per month for twice a week classes
  • $300 Competitive Group 3x per week
    Includes- workout/stretch, technique, run thru.

Adults Group Classes